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Wyrd Education partners to provide learning experiences that explore the nature of our interconnectedness.

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Modern-day Magic

Modern-day Magic is the best of two worlds – a program that combines the powerful teachings of Eastern martial arts and healing traditions, with Western mysticism and magic, and an Integral Scientific approach.

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Science and Consciousness 2023 – Wyrd Time

Wyrd Scientists Awarded Prize by Institute of Noetic Science for showing how consciousness exists beyond the brain! Hear all about it and meet them in-person at Science and Consciousness 2023!

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Science and Consciousness 2022: Making Wyrd the Norm – Video Recordings

This conference will include talks and discussions with these leading authorities in the field, as well as experiential exercises using the latest technology and interaction with the beautiful natural surroundings at Broughton.

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Science and Consciousness 2021: The Wyrd World of Mind and Matter

As the latest science is demonstrating and ancient wisdom traditions have long stated, interconnectedness is a fact and we humans are deeply connected to the world around us.

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Leading from the Field

If we assume, as both the new scientists and ancient wisdom traditions tell us, that all of reality is actually composed of interlocking dynamic energy fields, that life is a continuous process

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Energetics of Art (Part 1)

An artist can use art to enable people to enter a spiritual plane of consciousness that supports them in communing with their own individual interpretation of God or Spirit. According to our deepest and most ancient spiritual traditions wisdom, creativity, and healing are intimately connected. It is wisdom that concerns our relationship to the whole, to the cosmos, to nature, and to both feminine and masculine powers of nature.

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