Our Purpose

To give people a direct experience of our interconnectedness with the world around us. We believe that remembering our interconnectedness with all life is at the heart of humanity successfully navigating through our current planetary transition.

What is PEAR

Over a period of 28 years, scientists at Princeton University’s engineering department, led by Professor Robert Jahn and Brenda Dunne, researched how human intention impacts the world around them, and other consciousness-related phenomena. It was triggered by findings that pilots in fighter aircraft seemed to influence the readouts of the sensitive instruments on their dashboards by their inner states. They proved beyond statistical doubt that human intention does indeed affect otherwise random events around us. They also showed how collective group experiences also influence randomness.

For most of their research they used something called a Random Event Generator which is essentially a digital coin-tosser that generates lots of 1s and 0s. They used graphic readouts on a computer screen to represent those 1s and 0s (e.g. a line on a screen that goes up with more 1s and down with more 0s). Test subjects had to try and influence the line without physically interacting with the computer (sometimes even from the other side of the world).

Other tools they used included a massive kind of vertical pinball machine, into which 9000 polystyrene balls were dropped. They called it “Murphy”. Normally they would distribute themselves evenly across the machine, but they found that people could influence that distribution with their intention. Murphy and other technologies they use are available to see and some to try out at the Wyrd Experience.

Discover Wyrd

Discover the power of your mind and the nature of our interconnectedness at the world’s only interactive consciousness lab.

At the Wyrd Experience you can see the original equipment that was used for consciousness experiments at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research lab. You can also interact with some of the technology yourself, including trying to influence a robot to move around a table and effect the rhythm of a drum. You will be able to use the digital technology to play various games using your intention to try and impact events on the screen. What’s your Jedi score?

Here are short videos of some of the experiments as they were installed at the PEAR lab, introduced by Dr Brenda Dunne.

Fountain Experiment (PEAR)
Drum Experiment (PEAR)
Murphy Random Mechanical Cascade (PEAR)
Pendulum Experiment (PEAR)
Robot Experiment (PEAR)

Wyrd Experience is hosted at the beautiful Broughton Sanctuary nestled in England’s Yorkshire Dales.

You are welcome to visit on your own or with a group, by appointment.

Visit Wyrd

Why Wyrd?

Wyrd was the anglo-saxon concept for the interconnected field of all things. Like the eastern concept of ch’i. Yorkshire was in fact one of the places where it was most developed. Wyrd is indigenous to northwestern Europe and part of our mission is to reawaken Wyrd in our cultural awareness. Make Wyrd the norm!