Roger Tempest,Co-founder and Director

Broughton Sanctuary has been Roger Tempest’s family home for 32 generations. With over 900 years of history resting on his shoulders he has one main mission in life: to secure its future.


In the late 1980s, aged 25, Roger unexpectedly took on the role of custodian, ending his blossoming career on Fleet Street. Working to make a success of the Estate, Roger created a plan that blended conservation, enterprise and innovation to regenerate not just Broughton Hall but the community around it.


His appointments range from executive chairman of a national infrastructure development project in Libya, on a board of an international homeless charity to being a joint founder of Wyrd Experience and running a group of companies within Rural Concepts Group specialising in rural regeneration.

Dr Wolfhardt Janu,Chief Scientific Wyrdo and Co-Founder

Dr Wolfhardt Janu is Chief Scientific Wyrdo and Co-Founder. ​​He holds a PhD in chemistry and worked for 10 years in academic research. He then moved to be a freelancer in software and hardware development for customized laboratory solutions.


Together with his colleagues and friends he developed a new method to scan the output of two random number event generators (REG’s) for correlations, which enables one to detect with high precision changes in a non-local field, mainly known as the field of consciousness.


He has practised Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu for 19 years, discovered African Shamanism (Sangoma) and (co-)led several private scientific teams investigating the “paranormal” in theory and practice. In 2007 he got to know the work of Ken Wilber and since then he and his team(s) have been using the Integral map as the main tool to navigate and communicate on the margins of the so-called “unknown”.

Peter Merry,Chief Executive Wyrdo, Director and Co-founder

He has founded a number of organizations including Wyrd Experience, Wyrd Technologies, Science and Consciousness conferences, the Center for Human Emergence (Netherlands), and Engage!. He trains and supports government ministers and CEOs in transformative leadership.


He has facilitated integral change processes in multinational corporations, government ministries, and in multi-stakeholder initiatives with global players. He has been an environmental activist and spent many years in the non-profit sector including leading international youth training programs for the Council of Europe.


He is a recognized expert in the field of evolutionary systems dynamics and Spiral Dynamics Integral in particular. He has published four books: Evolutionary Leadership, Why Work?, Leading from the Field and Volution. He has a PhD from Ubiquity University’s Wisdom School in Volution Theory, and a MSc from the University of Edinburgh in Human Ecology. See

Carsten Ohrmann,Chief Strategic Wyrdo and Co-Founder

He is a seasoned consultant, executive coach & mentor, focusing on Holistic Leadership Transformation. He supports individuals and leadership teams on their advanced personal & leadership development journeys. He also serves as a strategic boardroom advisor and expert in Worldview Agility, addressing audiences worldwide in engaging and thought-provoking key notes, lectures, seminars and workshops.


Carsten’s broad educational background and more than 25 years of practical business experience in large multinational companies reflect his holistic approach. Amongst other qualifications he has university degrees in mechanical engineering and sustainable business, is a natural scientist & systems analyst, a former senior business executive and global sector board member of a leading IT professional services company with 40.000 employees worldwide, a certified professional coach and a state accredited alternative practitioner in psychotherapy.


Carsten integrates modern science and old wisdom traditions to address important leadership challenges.

Kirsty Allan,Chief Research Wyrdo

She is a PhD psychology candidate and consciousness researcher focused on psi phenomena and sensitivity.


On a mission to promote the innate ‘magic’ of highly sensitive people, she blends cutting-edge science and depth psychology with esoteric wisdom.


Chief Research Wyrdo
Kirsty actively researches with both children and adults exploring psi phenomena (psychic) experiences, in relation to altered states of consciousness, creativity, empathy and wellbeing. Her mission is to leverage this vantage sensitivity to establish reliable and accessible practices for a range of applications supporting healing, transpersonal understanding and ethical decision-making. She is a certified professional coach to highly sensitive people, therapist, has published a self-help book (IF) and is the founding member of The IF Crowd.

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© Wyrd Experience 2024. All rights reserved