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Our goal is to bring consciousness technology into the living room and meeting room, so we are constantly reminded of our interconnectedness. First release: the Wyrdoscope consciousness research device. Coming soon: a group consciousness lamp, an individual Genie lamp and a twin lamp for intimacy at a distance. Sign up below to get the latest news!

Check out the Wyrdoscope

Wyrd Research Device

A scientific research device for measuring anomalies in the field at events. The prototype has now been completed and the first Wyrdoscopes have been released into the world. This is the technology used in our prize-winning research. You can contact us to order yours now.

Check out the Wyrdoscope

How does it work?

How is it possible for people’s intention and attention to affect devices when there is no physical connection between them, and they may not even be physically close to each other?

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A lamp that responds to your group’s consciousness

A lamp that responds to the relative coherence and alignment of a group, in a meeting or event for example. It will glow more as the group comes into greater flow, and dim down as the group loses its coherence. The first of these should be available towards the end of 2024.