How is it possible for people’s intention and attention to affect devices when there is no physical connection between them, and they may not even be physically close to each other?

Great question! To be honest, nobody really knows one hundred percent for sure, but there are various theories that explain it. What we are aiming to do at Wyrd Research is increase our understanding of what happens and why it might be happening, as well as how it might be useful for humanity and the rest of life on Earth. What we do believe is that remembering the nature of our interconnectedness is critical to our future!

We do have our own theory of how it works of course. We understand everything to be composed of information that is carried on energy waves. There is a spectrum of density of that information. Think of it being a bit like the light spectrum. We accept there is some light on the spectrum that we can see with our eyes, and other light like ultraviolet and infrared that we can’t see – unless we use special equipment.

The part of the information spectrum that we can see is what we observe around us in our daily lives. This information has a certain level of density that makes it possible for us to see it, hear it, feel it, taste it with the senses we are used to using all the time. 

There are however more subtle, less dense parts of the information spectrum that we cannot perceive with those senses. This isn’t such a strange idea. Can you see your or anyone else’s thoughts or emotions? No, but they definitely exist! This is a more subtle kind of information that doesn’t have physical form in our material reality.

These different densities of information are one spectrum of information and therefore interact across the spectrum. We can think of the process of manifestation as information moving from more subtle form to denser form. Often we think about doing something before we do it, right? Or we feel something is going to happen before it does. We experience the event in its more subtle informational form before we experience it in its denser informational form where it “actually happens” in our 3-D reality.

We understand our intention to be the exercise of our will through our mind. We decide we want something and we use our mind to imagine it. We understand our attention to be the emotion or energy we connect to that intention. Our imagined gratitude when we get the result we desire. Our feeling of relationship to the device, person or desired future we are wanting to connect to. Traditionally this is seen as being more a heart-based quality. It is the combination of our mind’s intention with our heart’s attention that has been shown to be most effective at impacting information on the more subtle scale and increasing the probability of that information showing up in our dense material reality. 

Scientists accept that the world we can see around us only makes up 4% of reality. Which means there is lots of reality that exists in the space between the things we can see! We understand this to be the energy field of information in its more subtle forms. Like any field, it can carry information, like the fields that carry our mobile phone conversations and wifi data. When therefore someone sends information to a device or person using their mind’s intention or imagination, connected to a feeling from the heart to amplify the information, it travels through the field of information between the individual and target, influencing the information that makes up the target person or device. That is what enables people to pick up images sent to them in remote perception experiments or devices to register a change in their behaviour based on the intentions of a sender.

The devices that we work with at Wyrd use mechanisms to create a random result when not being influenced so that we can measure how any intervention might create a deviation from randomness in the devices. This can be measured for statistical significance so we know how big the effect is. 

At Wyrd Experience for example you can see the original Random Mechanical Cascade, called Murphy. It drops 9,000 balls over a set of pegs that under neutral conditions would create a random distribution curve of balls at the bottom of the device. If someone tries to make more balls fall one way or the other way, we can measure how much deviation there is from the neutral random run.

The more modern devices are based on a Random Event Generator (REG), also known as a Random Number Generator (RNG). This is like an electronic coin-flipper. It generates lots of 1’s and 0’s randomly very fast using a quantum mechanism, so you end up with very close to 50% 1’s and 50% 0’s. This means that when people try to affect a device we can see how much that random pattern of 1’s and 0’s deviates from a 50:50 distribution. We can then connect actions on a screen, movements in a robot or changes in a lamp to the relative level and direction of deviation. This is what Wyrd Technologies is based on.

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© Wyrd Experience 2024. All rights reserved