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The Wyrdoscope comes with the option of the Wyrdoscope Suite software environment that includes the ability to acquire, visualize, store data or to perform real-time analysis of a consciousness field.

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Included in the Wyrdoscope Suite

  • Fully automated Anomaly analysis of 2 REG streams including starting points on 6 channels in selectable time intervals (max 24h). For more than 24h, analysis is done in sequence.
  • Runs on Windows 10 and above, Linux and MacOS
  • Output in a result Matrix file (CSV)
  • Full data transparency for each channel, all selected and unselected values are exported to CSV
  • Includes a graphical User Interface for plotting and zooming of the result Matrix file
  • Export of “zoomed-in” selection
  • Re-calculation of “zoomed-in” selection with smaller averaging interval.
  • Re-calculation based on a manual selected starting point
  • Each channel can be analyzed separately
  • Start point calculation driven only by the structure of the data
  • Channels can be freely overlaid on a common time axis
  • Saving plots in files (graphic formats PNG and SVG) for inclusion in other documents
  • Ability to reverse random data before calculation
  • Adding/editing of events at specific timestamps for correlating with events that happen during a session (e.g. from a written protocol)
  • Playing of recorded audio events while reviewing data

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